| Innovative, Sustainable and Creative Modular Technologies

Commercial - Residential - Bespoke Build - Design & Construct - Regional

| Innovative, Sustainable and Creative Modular Technologies

Commercial - Residential - Bespoke Build - Design & Construct - Regional



Absolutely ! Modular build is 40-50% faster than traditional build. No issues with weather delays, no issues with vandalism, no issues with time delay. All our manufacturing is in house. While we build, on-site works are being done and completed ready for your build to arrive and be placed on-site. Simple! You can visit our warehouse anytime  you want to see how things are progressing. 


With the whole process of your build being offsite, you can rest at ease knowing that no-one is going to pinch your hot-water system, cabling, windows or doors. Modular construction is transforming the process for businesses, schools, residential and commercial construction, ensuring better quality management on and off site.. and no disruptions !


Yes and no… We utilise the same trades all other builders do, we build all buildings to match Australian building codes and standards, we can also build to a budget with no surprises at the end. Whether we build for metro or regional areas, the cost is constant. Your saving is a shorter construction time, no expensive footings, flexible payment options and great results at the end.


Bespoke: made to individual order – Custom made. This is the main advantage we have in manufactured modular build, flexibility. No matter the size or shape of the block, we can custom make to your needs, satisfying both your space design and budget requirements. Oh yes, we use the best quality sustainable building materials, modular construction methodologies and design. 


Being we are a bespoke builder, were design and construct is our forte, modular buildings are very flexible – extremely flexible. Manufactured modular builds are suitable for a vast array of purposes, granny pods, studios, extensions, multi-level construction and man caves! So as you can gather, there is very little a modular build can’t do. 


As mentioned above, we manufacture all builds under the roof at out warehouse.  Your property is protected with no delays to occur during severe weather conditions, providing quality and safety in every aspect of the build. 


Our No1. goal from the outset of Oneconstruct was to look after our environment with loving care. Energy is another major factor these days. We utilise world’s best practices in selecting materials, methods and designs that considers the environment, energy as well as sound insulation and fire-proofing. Our buildings are built to last the test of time.