| Ernabella School

South Australia

Project:              Ernabella School Amenities Buildings 

Client:                Fusco Construction Pty Ltd 

Location:           Ernabella Community School, South Australia  

Completed:       May 2018 

This was Oneconstruct’s first long-haul project. Ernabella Community School is situated 1,281 kilometres from the Adelaide, just south of the border separating Northern territory and South Australia. Oneconstruct were commissioned by Fusco Pty Ltd to manufacture and deliver the new amenities for the local community school. With the assistance of MHT Holdings, three flatbed semi-trailers and vehicles made their way north to offload and place the modules on site.  

All preparation was performed by our transport team, buildings were offloaded and fixed on site with a minimum of fuss.  

The journey north had its hazards with road conditions always being an issue in remote communities. Long haul journeys are always treated with upmost care and assurance. The project was completed within the timeframe allocated from design, manufacture and delivery”